Friday, August 29, 2014

Winnipeg: Part Two

More fun from Winnipeg...

Friday it was raining again, so I met my friend Cher and her son Hurley at The Great Big Adventure indoor playground. The boys played all morning long.

My Winnipeg bestie!!!

Jake and Hurley:

Saturday it was still raining!! So we went with the whole family to the Children's Museum. This is one of the boys' favorite places, they love it here!

All 5 Bollman cousins - Levi, Sophie, Henry, Jakob & Zack:

There are several stations in the museum, all are interactive. The kids can play (and learn) at each one.

There is an old train in the middle that the kids can sit in and pretend to drive. It has a few cars attached to it too. Zack and Sophie loved pretending to drive the train!

A big play structure:

And other fun stations:

The kids played at the brick building area the longest. They probably would have stayed longer, if we let them :)

The big boys loved this area too!

Jake needed to get that last brick on, so he scaled the window, lol!

After the Children's Museum we walked around The Forks. Michael and I had one of our first dates here, it was fun to walk around and relive those great memories :)

Sunday it was raining (again!). We decided to go to the Manitoba Museum, Planetarium & Science Center. 
We walked through the whole Museum and then went out for brunch at Stella's Cafe (so yummy!), then in the afternoon we went to the Planetarium & Science Center.

Manitoba Museum:

Science Center:

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