Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Levi's Birthday Celebrations

Happy birthday to our 12 year old, Levi!! 

We had a busy weekend celebrating Levi's birthday!

Friday I took cupcakes to his class:

Everyone loved the poop emijo theme:

When we got home from school, Levi opened his card and gift from Grandma & Grandpa:

For dinner we went to Earls and Levi got a signed Oilers puck:

He was very surprised and happy!

The party continued Saturday night... we went to Galaxyland for an evening of all you can ride fun!

and Sunday was Levi's family party:

Levi wanted his own cake, so I made a big cake for all of us to share and then a little cake - just for the birthday boy! 

Monday, April 9, 2018

Spring Break

No tropical Spring Break for us! We stayed home, but really made the most of the break.

Lots of games:

Making Easter treats with Oma:

We went out to the lake for a few days. 
The older boys BBQing:

Snowy walks by the lake:

Opa and Jakob worked on this dirt bike during the winter, fixing it up. Jakob took it out for it's first run:

Levi getting a turn:

Zack's snow forts:

Ping pong on the kitchen table:

Breakfast by Oma ;)

More snowy walks:

Back to the city...

 Michael and I went to an Oilers game:

Waterpark day:




Toys R Us - meeting Geoffrey the giraffe:

Indigo craft time:

Waiting for our milkshakes, there was a huge bear in the waiting area:

Yum! Toblerone caramel and oreo:

Auntie Marlene and I did a cake class at the Duchess. It was so fun!

My cake: It didn't turn out perfect, but it sure tasted good!
Lemon chiffon with vanilla bean cream and raspberry filling. Whipping cream and marzipan dome:

For Easter Opa built each of his grandkids a birdhouse:

We went over another day to paint the birdhouses:

Lots of activity filled our week :)