Monday, July 18, 2016

Family Camp 2016

We had another wonderful year at camp with family and friends!
Lots of playing, riding bikes, park, games and activities.

Beach day with friends:

The weather wasn't warm enough to be by the water a whole lot, so this ended up being our only beach day:

After church snacks... huge cinnamon buns:

Lots of biking riding and playing with friends:

One of the camp organized activities was a bubble game. The kids went inside this giant bubble and then bounced each other around. It was really fun!


Jakob (somewhere in there):

Zack got stuck upside down, Jakob to the rescue!

The favorite event of the week! Water fight!
Zack just hanging out in the field waiting for someone to get him:

Games by the cabin with the cousins:

S'mores and selfies:

Cousins in the secret playroom:

So thankful for great memories with our crew :)

Friday, July 8, 2016

Canada Day

On Canada Day we spent the day at the Alberta Legislature grounds. 
It was so much fun! 
We took the LRT from Century Park to the Leg grounds, then walked around to see all the activities.

Lots of fountains!

Family selfie:

At noon they had a 21 gun salute. It was super loud!

We took a tour of the inside of the Legislature building:

It was really hot out, so after lunch the boys ran through the fountains:

Once we were all finished downtown, we walked back across the High Level bridge, all the way down Whyte Ave and then back to the University LRT station. It was a long walk! The kids were pretty exhausted when we arrived back home.

Later in the evening Michael and I went to a party at a friends place. He has a beautiful penthouse apartment that overlooks the Leg/river valley/high level bridge. We hung out, watched the fireworks and had a great evening!

Monday, July 4, 2016

Edmonton Valley Zoo

On Thursday we went to the Edmonton Valley Zoo. Auntie Marlene was taking Jaden & Ethan and invited us to join them. We had a fantastic morning at the zoo!

Train ride: 
(Too bad I didn't get a picture of Auntie Marlene, Mom and I squished into a train car, it was pretty funny)

Levi & Jaden in one paddle boat;

Jakob, Ethan & Zack in another.

Lucy the elephant:

There were lots of new exhibits and play areas for the kids. This nature playground was great, the kids enjoyed jumping from rock to rock:

Our crew:

Fun day at the zoo!

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Work Day

Before camp even started the kids were already asking me for tuck shop money. Since all of them spent their birthday/Christmas money, they were quite concerned about their lack of cash. So we gave them a few jobs to make some spending money. 

They spent a full Saturday doing odd jobs. All 3 worked very hard!

It's amazing what a little motivation does!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Last Day of School

The boys just finished off another great year of school.
Last day of school:

Out for ice cream after school to celebrate:

On to Grade 2, 5 & 8!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Father's Day

On Father's Day we went to my parents and spent the evening with the extended Hermann family. 

Family picture (missing Shane & Jamie):

My boys:

The boys with Opa & Opapa:

Jordan & I with Dad:

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Jakob & Levi's Parkour Class

 Jakob and Levi just did an 8 week Parkour class. They both LOVED it! They spent each class spinning, jumping, running, hanging and flipping over things. They had so much fun and are looking forward to doing it again in the fall.

Levi's class:

Hanging out... after scaling the wall:

Graduation ceremony:

Jakob's class:

Flying through the air:

Graduation ceremony: