Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Weekend of Waterskiing

The past 2 weekend we spent time with our friends Rick & Sarah on their boat. Rick gave the kids turn after turn waterskiing and on the tube. We had a blast, it was so much fun!!
Unfortunately, I forgot my DSLR camera at home. So we used Michael's cell phone camera. The pictures are not the greatest and some are soooo blurry. Next time, I will have my camera!!!

Each of the littler kids tried out this waterski trainer. It's a tube with waterskiis built into it. It's great for learning how to stand up and hold on to the rope.

Zack loved it, he thought it was so cool.

He even tried to lean to the side to make it move within the wake.

Levi tried to waterski with real skis, but wasn't able to make it all the way up. 
Unfortunately he gave up after one try.

He tried out the trainer too.

Jakob got up last weekend on his first ever try. This weekend, he was a pro already ;)

That's me! I haven't waterskiied since Jakob was a baby. I haven't slalomed, since before the kids were born. I really surprised myself! (My pictures turned out extra blurry... we know who took those!)

I got up on 2 and then dropped the one ski. It was amazing that I didn't wipe out! My arms felt like jelly, but other than that it was just like riding a bike. No problem!!

Lots of tubing fun!!

Lastly, Michael... looking great out on the water!

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