Thursday, March 27, 2014

Hawaii: Kaena Point Hike

Yesterday Jakob, Levi and I hiked to Kaena Point. It's the corner of Oahu where the west shore and the north shore meet. It was a long hike with a few challenging areas. The boys did great even though it was really hot (there was hardly any shade along the trail) and it was over 2 hours of hiking. 

You can see the end of the trail, way at the end of the island ...

There were lots of interesting cliffs and paths to take:

Steep and narrow areas:

Whales in the water along the way:

We were very happy to make it to the end and take a little break:

A monk seal hanging out in a little pool:

Albatross flying and nesting near by:

Great view of the west and north shores meeting:

Time to head back:

It was a great hike! HOT as can be, but fun and lots to see.

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