Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hawaii: Week 12

Another memorable week here in Hawaii! Only a few more weeks left, so we are soaking in as much sun, sand and waves as we can. Almost every day this week was a beach day :)

Jakob loves playing in the big waves. He run out, jumps in and lets the wave carry him. He does it over and over. Here's a short video of Jake:

One night after a day at the beach, we roasted marshmallows:

Jumbo marshmallows - so yummy!

Wednesday was the Kaena Point hike:

Thursday and Friday - more beach days!

Friday afternoon we went back to the Dole Plantation to do the World's Largest maze:

Dole whips after!

Then we drove to the very north/west part of the island. Directly across from where we walked to the other day on our hike. The beach where they filmed the show "Lost" is close by, so we went and checked it out too:

That's it for this week!

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