Monday, April 21, 2014

Our First Week Back

Our first week back home took a bit to readjust. When we first arrived it felt cold, even though there wasn't any snow.
The kids were very excited to ride their bikes again:

Zack even practiced riding without training wheels:

Then one morning we woke up to this -What a shock!

The boys loved it and thought the snow was great! 
They built a snow fort and played outside all afternoon:

Friday we colored Easter eggs:

Sunday we had my parents over for Easter dinner:

Happy Easter!

It's nice to be home, even though we still miss the warm Hawaiian sun!


Life is Good said...

Great Easter pic of your "brown" family!! Last year this time we had invaded Chateau Bollman... good times! Miss you guys.

Amy said...

Thanks Colleen! You're welcome to invade anytime :) Miss you guys too!!