Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Hawaii:Week 10

This past week was all about swimming! Swimming at the beach, swimming at the pool, swimming in the tide pools & more swimming at the beach! The weather this past week was amazing. Beautiful, sunny, hot days - all week long. Perfect for hanging out at the beach. 

Jakob is getting so good at gliding in on his boogie board and then catching the wave back. The bigger wave, the better for Jake!

Jake and Uncle Jerry in the waves:

The pool at Oma and Opas was a highlight this week. Lots of fun afternoons in the pool:

The boys showed Oma, Opa and Uncle Jerry the tide pool by our house. 
We all took turns jumping in:





Uncle Jerry:

Jake again:


More boogie boarding!

Levi is the master at riding a wave in on his boogie board!

Levi teaching Zack how it's done:

Opa and Levi swimming with a sea turtle. The turtle was less than 6 feet away from them. Very cool experience for Levi!

Just a little example of how the boys spend their time at the beach:

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