Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Hawaii: Week Four

We are really settling into the Hawaii life here and are loving it! 
Everyday is different, but fun.

Monday and Tuesday this past week was quite cloudy and windy. It was warm enough to play outside, but not go in the water. The boys met friends at the beach and played with them both days. 

Wednesday was sunny and hot! We were at the beach all day. In the morning we went to Makaha beach and discovered that because of all the wind and high surf that the sand was pushed up into a ledge. 
The boys had a great time making tunnels and forts in the ledge.

The waves in the afternoon were perfect for swimming:

For supper on Wednesday, we had a hot dog roast outside in our fire pit. 
It was gorgeous out, so we sat around until the sun set.

Thursday morning the ledge was even steeper and the boys spent most of the morning jumping off it.

 Thursday afternoon we went to Pokai bay to do some surfing. Unfortunately the waves were really small and neither of us were able to catch one. 

Michael helped the boys glide in on the board:

Friday we were back at our beach. The water was so calm, we swam and played for hours:

Saturday we attempted to go to the Dole Plantation. Unfortunately it started raining really hard when we were on the train. Thankfully it was a covered train. We decided to leave and come back another day to finish all the other activities.

After we left the Dole Plantation, we went to IHOP for brunch and then back home. On the way home the sun came out, so we decided to go for a swim when we got back. There is this little tide pool close by, so we walked over and swam around in it. There is also a little cliff that we all jumped off of into the tide pool. It was a little scary at first, but fun once we jumped in!

Zack jumped off of a much smaller rock, so Michael could catch him. He was very proud of himself:

Sunday we went to the Waikiki Aquarium in the morning:

After, we had a picnic lunch at Kapiolani park across from the Aquarium. Then we walked down to Waikiki beach, did a little shopping on Kalakaua Ave and then walked back to our car at the Aquarium. It was a pretty long walk.

It was another great week!

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