Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Hawaii: Week 6

Week 6 was a busy one for us! My parents arrived on Monday night and the boys were so excited to see them. Most of the week was spent at the beach again :)

Monday: Makaha surfing beach - still our favorite beach!

Michael surfing:

Tuesday - Oma and Opa are here!

One of the lifeguards had a drone (quadcopter) and he showed the boys how he used it to take aerial pictures of the beach.

Boogie boarding at Yohohama bay. Another favorite beach of ours:

Friday we went shopping during the day and then drove to the airport to pick up my Oma. Since it was Valentine's Day, we drove to the Honolulu harbor to a seafood restaurant. 

Saturday morning Farmers market. Close by us is a really great little farmers market, it has all kinds of fruits, vegetables and other homemade stuff. One of our favorite vendors is the potato chip guy. Every time we go we get a basket of loaded chips!

Saturday afternoon at the Hawaiian Princess beach:

My Oma watching her great-grandchildren on the beach.

Now that my Mom is here... I'm actually in pictures!

Another fantastic week!

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