Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hawaii: Week 7

Not surprising, we spent this past week on the beach again! The boys are enjoying playing with their second-cousins and we have been with them almost everyday.
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were beach days:

Lunch time:

Jakob loves the big waves, the bigger the better for him!

Zack tried to hold the sun as it was setting:

Thursday was the Waimea Valley and waterfall:

On the way home from the waterfall we stopped at the Dole Plantation for pineapple ice cream:

Friday we went to the pool at my cousins condo. It was lots of fun!

There was a surfing competition at Makaha beach on Saturday, it was really fun to watch:

Races down the beach:

On Sunday, Leanne, Dean, Michael and I went to Hanauma Bay to snorkel. We left the kids with our parents and spent the day snorkeling. We saw hundreds of fish! I couldn't believe how many different kinds of colorful fish that were in and around the reef. It was a great day!

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