Monday, February 3, 2014

Hawaii: The Waikiki Aquarium

Yesterday we went to the Waikiki Aquarium. They had a special Lego event at the Aquarium, so we thought it would be a great day to check it out! The boys had fun looking at the Lego creations that were there and played some Lego too. We also won a few prizes - 2 free tickets to see the Lego movie next week, a Lego poster and a Lego Tshirt! 

All of the Lego was fish themed:

The boys played and built with the Lego there for over an hour:

In between playing Lego, we also looked around at all the animals and fish at the Aquarium.

This monk seal was a favorite:

Zack's favorite - a fish that looks like a giraffe:

Jakob and Levi liked the jelly fish:

I liked all the brightly colored fish:

It was a super fun morning at the Waikiki Aquarium!

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