Saturday, July 1, 2017

Frankfurt - June 28-30

**It has taken me quite awhile to go through all my Europe pictures! I think I have finally done it and now can do my blog posts :) I'm going to schedule these posts back to the dates that we were in those cities. **

Michael and I arrived in Frankfurt and spent a few days sightseeing before we picked up Jakob. We wanted to see as much as we could in those 2 days. We walked a lot, over 40kms in 48 hours!
We mostly walked around the downtown area, with a few detours slightly out of downtown.


Mmm... schnitzel:

Eiserner Steg bridge:

Romerberg, the original downtown Frankfurt:

Main Tower, the viewing deck at the top of the building is 200 meters high:

We could see the whole city, in all directions from the top:

On Friday morning we picked up Jakob from the airport! Yay! We were all very happy to see each other :)

After we picked up Jakob, we went for lunch and did his laundry. Jakob introduced us to "Spaghetti Eis", ice cream that is made to look like spaghetti and tomato sauce. We got the chocolate version, but the vanilla one really looks like spaghetti!

Some more sightseeing, Hermannstrasse:

Shopping on Zeil, old churches, walking along the river and a few other sights before we went back to the airport to catch our flight to Dublin.

Frankfurt was beautiful! I would love to go back :)

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