Thursday, February 9, 2012

Days 36, 37 & 38

The boys outside in our backyard:

We have a great view of a pond with a water fountain on the back side of our house. From our balcony we can see the ocean! It's very nice and relaxing.

Getting ready to make another craft. I brought along a few different crafts for rainy days, or days that we just want to do something different. This craft is a crayon picture that you melt with a blowdryer. The boys loved it. It was fun, but kinda messy:)

Melting the crayons:

Finished product:

They are both planning on hanging their creations in their room when we get home.

Grandma & Grandpa left on Tuesday after hanging out with us for 2 weeks.

Wednesday we all went to the aquarium at Moody Gardens. It was fantastic!
Sharks, all kinds of fish and manta rays swimming in an open tank. The manta rays were splashing us.

Checking out the seals:

The penguins were a highlight for the boys.

Jakob loves penguins! He talked non stop about them and told us all the facts about penguins. He was very excited to see them up close.

Walking through a tunnel of fish!

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