Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Day 47, 48, 49 & 50

Saturday we went to the NASA Space Center - it was amazing! The exhibits were fantastic and we learned so much!

Trying on space helmets.

In the control part of the space ship.

After the Space Center we went to Pappa's BBQ for supper... yummy!

Sunday we went to Lakewood church in Houston with my parents. After church we went shopping and out for lunch to PF Changs.
Zack eating his chocolate cake:

Monday was another great beach day!!

Monday afternoon we drove around Galveston looking at the tree sculptures. When the hurricane struck in 2008, several 100+ year old trees didn't make it. Instead of cutting them down, people got tree sculptors to carve them into different shapes. We saw mermaids, birds, guitars, chipmunks, dogs and much more.

While we were driving around looking at the sculptures we saw a man working on another tree. We talked to him and found out he is the artist who carved several of these sculptures.
The boys and mom with the tree sculptor:

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