Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day 39 - 42

This past week it was a bit cold here. Thursday was only 10C and rainy, so we stayed at home playing Lego and play-dough.
Friday was nicer, so we thought we would go to town and do some shopping. As the boys and I were getting ready I heard a loud thud and Levi screaming. I ran into the boys room to find Levi's head squirting blood. He fell down the bunk bed stairs and hit his head on the side of the dresser. I pulled his shirt off and put pressure on his head right away. Surprisingly I didn't pass out. He has a very large gash on the back side-top of his head. We took him to a walk in clinic in Galveston right away. He needed 7 staples. The doctor thought staples were better than stitches considering the size of the wound and because he has SO much hair. He is doing fine now, he is being careful with his head, but overall he is pretty much back to normal.

Sunday we went into Galveston for Mardi Gras. Again it was cold out, so we all had to wear jackets!
There was a kids parade, so we thought it would be fun to check it out. The boys caught a ton of beads and Jakob kept calling it "party gras"!

The boys rode a mechanical bull, Jakob and Levi loved it and kept going back for more. Zack was scared and didn't last very long.

During the parade they were throwing beads and Jakob was trying his best to catch all of them! Zack loves Barney and on one of the floats he was right on top. Zack was thrilled! He talked about Barney the rest of the day.

Zack pointing to Barney:

I caught a few beads too!

In the car with their beads and free sunglasses.

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