Monday, January 9, 2012

Days 4 - 7

Thursday was another beautiful day! We went to the beach in the morning and spent over 3 hours making sandcastles and playing in the sand.

Burying each other in the sand:

Jakob tried to shape Levi's sand around him like a mermaid:

Zack's nightly bath, in the "big" bathtub.

Friday it rained, so we didn't go outside at all during the day. The boys played Lego and watched movies, then in the afternoon did their school work while Zack slept. We drove into Houston in the evening to do a little shopping.

Saturday was another nice day and the boys were ready to get back to the beach! We went for a nice long walk down the beach and collected 2 buckets of shells. We found some really beautiful sea shells!

Zack loves to put his feet in the water:

Jakob giving Zack a ride when he got tired of walking. What a good big brother!

Sunday we woke up to this:

It stayed really foggy for most of the day. After Zack woke up from his nap it started to clear up a bit, so we headed out to the beach. Just as we got to there it started to rain, so we turned around and came back to the house.

The boys ended up playing games and Lego for the rest of the day. After supper we went out for ice cream :)

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