Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day 8, 9 & 10

Monday it rained all day. Not just a light sprinkle either - 2 inches! So we spent the day inside playing games and building with Lego. The boys were happy to lounge around all day, so it turned out ok. In the evening we went for a drive.
Tuesday was a nice day but really, really windy! Again we didn't go outside, I was scared the boys would blow away! The waves in the ocean were huge, the boys thought they were big enough to surf in.

Wednesday we were ready to get out and do something! It was sunny and 20C, so we went to the harbour and checked out all the incoming and outgoing ships. The boys were very interested in all the huge ships.
We rode a ferry from Galveston island to Bolivar Island. It was a 20 minute ride each way. It was a great experience for the boys, they had never been on a big boat like that before and they were excited!!

Waiting on the ferry in the harbour. It took about 10 minutes to load all the cars and trucks onto the bottom level of the ship.

The ride is actually really interesting, there is a WWII submarine and battle ship on one side as you drive by. There was also a sunken ship close to the shore:

Coming in to dock at Bolivar Island:

We were the only people on the upper deck of the ferry, the boys ran from the front to the back to make sure they weren't missing anything!

Levi wanted a picture with this big ship:

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