Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 21 - The Crocodile Encounter!!

Sunday afternoon we went to a place called the Crocodile Encounter. We went with our friends Beau & Kristin, their daughter Avery and Tracy & Georgia. This place is really cool! We got a private tour featuring tortoises, alligators, crocodiles and a snapping turtle.

We started by learning about tortoises and then we got to touch them and play with them:

We moved on to the alligators. He was very tame and didn't move the whole time we were near him. This 10 foot alligator was found in the nearest town, roaming around the sidewalks - he was brought here to live.

The crocodiles were next, they were not very tame and snapped in the air to catch their food! We were always very close to the crocs - just on the other side of the fence.

Eating his raw chicken:

Holding a baby crocodile. We all got to hold this little guy:

And a snake too, Jakob was the only one brave enough to hold it:

This was a GREAT experience, we all really enjoyed it!

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