Monday, April 9, 2018

Spring Break

No tropical Spring Break for us! We stayed home, but really made the most of the break.

Lots of games:

Making Easter treats with Oma:

We went out to the lake for a few days. 
The older boys BBQing:

Snowy walks by the lake:

Opa and Jakob worked on this dirt bike during the winter, fixing it up. Jakob took it out for it's first run:

Levi getting a turn:

Zack's snow forts:

Ping pong on the kitchen table:

Breakfast by Oma ;)

More snowy walks:

Back to the city...

 Michael and I went to an Oilers game:

Waterpark day:




Toys R Us - meeting Geoffrey the giraffe:

Indigo craft time:

Waiting for our milkshakes, there was a huge bear in the waiting area:

Yum! Toblerone caramel and oreo:

Auntie Marlene and I did a cake class at the Duchess. It was so fun!

My cake: It didn't turn out perfect, but it sure tasted good!
Lemon chiffon with vanilla bean cream and raspberry filling. Whipping cream and marzipan dome:

For Easter Opa built each of his grandkids a birdhouse:

We went over another day to paint the birdhouses:

Lots of activity filled our week :)

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