Monday, March 12, 2018

Zack & Levi's Soccer Season

Both Levi and Zack played indoor soccer this year. They both loved it and can't wait for next season to start!

Zack played goalie a lot and really enjoyed it. He took to the position really quick and was quite good!

Zack also played forward and scored 3 goals this season. He's number 13 :)

Levi played center forward and had an amazing season. He scored 43 goals and had 32 assists! Watching his games was very exciting!

This is a video I managed to capture of Levi scoring during the city finals, Levi is number 19, wearing white (sorry for the screaming, the lady beside me was really loud and when he scored we were all really excited!) Seriously, turn your volume down before you watch this ;)

Levi's team won gold in the city finals!

And then gold in the provincial finals! Yay! They beat out Calgary 4-1 for the win ;)

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