Monday, March 28, 2016

Palm Springs - Week Three

Week three was a busy one. Lots of activities and fun!
Sunday we went to the Palm Springs Art Museum:

Monday was my parents last day here. We started out with a walk around the neighbourhood.

Then some pool time:

Before dinner family pictures:

Out for supper to Woody's burgers:

Lastly a few games before bed (look at that sunset!)

Tuesday my parents left early in the morning. The boys and I cleaned the whole house, washed bedding, etc. Then we went and got a few groceries. The rest of the day we spent in the pool :)

After supper we went to El Paseo Drive. We walked around and did some window shopping:

I tried to get some pictures of the boys, but they were all silly so I didn't get one good one!

Wednesday was an all day pool day!

Thursday the boys and I went to the area where they have all the windmills. It was so sunny, it was hard to see!

Then we went to the Cabazon dinosaurs:

and out for "Great Shakes" on the way home:

Friday Michael went golfing in the morning. The boys and I hung out in the pool :)

In the afternoon the boys went out with their Grandma & Grandpa to see Zootopia and out for supper. They were celebrating Levi's birthday a little early.
Michael and I went out for a nice dinner alone. We went to the Crab Pot. It was fantastic!

After supper, we all met back at the house for the rest of Levi's birthday celebration.... cake!

Saturday we walked to a nearby park. The boys had a little race. They thought they could out run Michael. LOL! (Zack had a head start)

The rest of the day was pool time!

So much fun!!

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