Monday, March 14, 2016

Palm Springs - Week One

Friday afternoon we picked up the boys from school and started our drive to Palm Springs. We decided to drive through the night, giving us an extra day. It was a long 26 hours of straight driving, but we made it! We got to Palm Springs late Saturday night and crashed!

Sunday we were up pretty early (considering we drove for 26 hours straight). We went to the early service at church and then came back to the house to rest and relax. We spent the whole rest of the day in the pool!

There is a lemon tree next door and the lemons keep landing in our yard. Levi collected these 2 huge lemons.

Monday we woke up and it was raining! We were kinda bummed, but made the best of it and went to the Children's Museum that day. The boys had a great time :)

Tuesday it was beautiful again and we started our day out with a walk around the neighbourhood. 

And then pool time!

Wednesday we went on a hike to the Thousand palms oasis.

Friday morning started out cloudy, so we went to the Shield's Date Farm. We did the "Jesus Walk" as the boys call it and then looked around the date farm and store.

In between our walks and pool time, we play games, draw, do homework, etc. Lots of fun, busy days!

A great first week!

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