Friday, January 23, 2015

South Padre Island: Week Three

What a difference a week makes! Last week was cold, this week was beautiful. Almost everyday was sunny and all the days were warm even if there were clouds. Perfect weather for lots of swimming, tennis and walks.

Friday was our lighthouse adventure:

On Friday we also went for a walk around downtown Port Isabel and the boardwalk. 

There are "pirates" all over the boardwalk. Zack posed with almost all of them :)

We've seen 2 dolphins and lots and lots of huge pelicans.

Pirate Zack!

After the lighthouse and our walk, we stopped for ice cream:

Out for supper at Blackbeards. Michael was so happy to find some crab:

Lots of swimming:

And tennis:

One day we even walked to the end of the island. On the other side of the water is Mexico.

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