Monday, January 12, 2015

South Padre Island: Starfish

Today when we went for our walk on the beach, we saw hundreds of starfish! The boys were so excited (especially Levi!). The other day we saw the imprint of a starfish and the boys wished that they could see one. I told them it was probably pretty rare to see them, so we wouldn't see one. They were so thrilled when we saw the first one. Then we looked down the beach... and there were hundreds everywhere! Such an amazing find for us today!!

This is what it looked like down the whole beach.

Levi picked out 8 starfish to keep.

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Annemarie said...

Hi Amy! I just stumbled across your blog and just had to say HI! I am also a Bollman (by marriage too). I lived in TX for 18 years before moving to CA where my hubby and I are living. I thought we'd end up with 3 boys too, but baby #3 (due any day now) is a girl, so we're mixing it up! That's all!! - Annemarie (