Monday, January 20, 2014

Hawaii: Week 2

Another great week in paradise!

Again we spent most of the week at the beach. We have checked out quite a few beaches, but mostly go to our beach because the boys love the big waves.

One day when we arrived at the beach, there was a huge sea turtle sunning himself on the sand.

On Monday the boys met a friend at the beach and played for hours.

Zack has a nap every afternoon, he is exhausted after a morning in the sun. While Zack has a little sleep, the boys do their school work.

On Wednesday the waves started getting bigger and bigger.

Thursday the waves at our beach were way too big for us to swim. So we drove over to Ko Olina. In Ko Olina there are 4 lagoons protected by a reef, so the water is calm and good for swimming.

Since the waves were so big that night we went to the North Shore to check them out.

Friday morning the waves were even bigger, so the kids and I went on a "picture safari", we walked around our yard and neighborhood taking pictures of interesting things. I gave each of the boys a camera and let them take pictures of whatever they wanted.

Saturday morning we went to Kualoa Ranch. It's a huge area of land on the east side of the island that lots of shows and movies have been taped at - Lost, Hawaii 5-0 and 50 First Dates were all filmed there. 

Saturday afternoon we went to Kailua Beach. The beach and water are amazing! Powder soft sand and calm turquoise water. The beach was packed, way busier than any other beach we've been to. 

It was fun to float around in the calm water.

Building sand castles with super soft sand.

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