Friday, January 24, 2014

Hawaii: Children's Discovery Center

Yesterday morning the kids and I went into Honolulu to the Hawaii Children's Discovery Center. The boys had a great morning playing and learning. There were 3 levels of really fun activities!

Life sized Lite Brite:

Driving "The Bus":

The cutest little diner, everything looked real - only smaller:

Zack was the chef:

Our little Hawaiians:

Evening news: 

Judge Jakob:

Opa Hermann would be proud of Levi:

Driving a firetruck:

Mini grocery store:

The boys favorite place was the airplane. It was like a real mini airplane, very cool.
Zack was a pilot;

Then he served meals and drinks:

Then it was Jakob's turn:

Another favorite was the boat. There were pulleys and flags and all sorts of interesting things on the ship:

After we went out for some rainbow Shave Ice:

A really fun morning! The kids loved it and said that it was "sooo fun" :)

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