Thursday, July 11, 2013

Week at the Lake

The boys and I just spent a great week at the lake! We had amazing weather and we were outside the whole time. Even though I took a lot of pictures, there were a few things I missed - like playing mini-golf, riding bikes, lots of swimming, swimming to the yellow raft, playing with friends, and so much more. It was an action packed week!

Playing croquet on the lawn:

Canada Day cuties!

Hot dog and marshmallow roast with Uncle Jordan, Auntie Kristy, Alex and Hailey :

Alex and Zack "fishing":

The boys were in the water most of the time. Molly with Zack, Levi and their friend Ben:

Water fight!!

Playing at the park:

Levi & Hailey:

Quad ride with Daddy!

What a great week!! The boys and I love this week that we spend at the lake every year!

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