Thursday, July 18, 2013

Before & After: The Basement TV Room

This spring we also decided to redo our basement TV/playroom area. It ended up taking a lot longer than we had anticipated. All we wanted to do was repaint the walls and do touch ups on the trim. Then we were going to sell some old furniture and move around what we currently have. That was the plan.... until our sump pump stopped working and our basement had a minor flood. Enough damage that we had to replace all the underlay, dry out the cement and get the carpet sanitized and cleaned in that room. It was quite the headache. Luckily, before the water issue, we had moved all the toys and furniture upstairs, so nothing but the carpet/underlay got damaged.

So here we are 10 weeks later, finally finished!

Here are the (messy) before pictures:

Here are the finished basement pictures, I am sooo happy to have it all done!

All of the furniture, other than the TV unit & ottoman, were items we already had. I still have a few decorative items that I need to get to finish it off. We also did a few DIY projects -my Mom and I recovered an Ikea ottoman with fabric that I love (the grey chevron) and Michael made the white mirror above the couch.

It is so nice not to be constantly stepping on toys all the time. The boys have one bookshelf where they can keep a few toys and they have this chalkboard they can draw on as well. All of their other toys were moved upstairs to the bonus room.


Life is Good said...

Looks awesome! What furniture did you end up buying for upstairs?

Unknown said...

Beautiful room. Love the color of the walls. What Brand/Color did you use?

Amy said...

Thanks Colleen!! We haven't bought anything yet.. still deciding/looking :)

Amy said...

Unknown - the paint is Aura/Benjamin Moore, it's a custom color. I can give you the color amounts on the can if you would like :)

Unknown said...

Looks so good... Love the ottoman:)