Friday, January 18, 2013

Panama City Beach: Week Two

Our second week here was very busy! The weather was absolutely gorgeous, so we were out on the beach most days. On Wednesday I left for Orlando to attend the Stampin' Up! Leadership conference. It was a great couple of days!! On Saturday I picked up my Mom from the airport in Orlando. She dropped Sarah and I off at the convention center for the day and when we she came back to pick us up, my Dad surprised me by showing up that day too. On Sunday we drove back to Panama City Beach. The boys knew that Oma was coming for a visit, but didn't know Opa was coming too. They were very happy to see him as well! Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were all beach days again!

One of Zack's favorite movies is Elf. As soon as he saw the elevator buttons he asked us if he could push them all like Buddy the Elf. We let him do it once. He was so excited!

The indoor pool is one of our favorite places. We swim almost every night after supper.

Lots of beach walks and sandcastles:

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