Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Panama City Beach: Week One

Our trip started with 4 full days of driving.

The boys did really well on the long car rides. Zack played with his toys, read books, watched movies, had a nap or two and of course ate snacks the whole way.

Jakob and Levi watched movies and played on their DS pretty much the whole way.

Michael drove the whole way! We went through all kinds of weather imaginable. 

We arrived in Panama City Beach just before the sunset. We quickly ran out to the beach as soon as we got here:

Once we were in our condo we watched the sunset from our balcony. We are on the 23rd floor, so we can see pretty much everything!

There is a little family of sting rays or manta rays that swim by our building everyday. The water is so clear, we can see every little fish swimming by.

An early morning walk on the beach:

Jake checking out the water to see how warm it is:

The sun is barely up!

The sunsets have been amazing!

Zack and Michael enjoying a snack and the warm sun on the balcony:

There is a cute little shopping area close by and we went there the other day to walk around and then for lunch. 
"Jake at the Beach".

A huge beach chair!

And of course, we've been playing on the beach!


roscolee said...

I cannot believe how big the boys look!!! Hope you are having a great time, I always miss you ;)

Cindy Beach said...

Amazing photos, Amy! I'm sure the change of location and weather is so welcome. Hope you enjoy every day with your delightful family.