Friday, July 20, 2012

Zack's Art

I was busy cleaning, doing laundry and washing dishes. I could hear Zack playing with his toys in the next room, he was talking to himself and "driving" his cars. I went and checked on him every so often and everything was fine. My mom called and so I thought it was a good time to check on Zack again, just too make sure he was OK. I came around the corner and this is what I found:

 Some how he had found a very large permanent black sharpie marker. 
Upon further inspection, I located 2 more areas that had been "decorated", the back hall and the stairs going to the basement. I don't know how he managed to do so much damage in so little time.

I did manage to remove most of the marker. The fabric toy box is probably going to have Zack's signature on it for life, but the doors and the walls are fine. 

Just a little tip if this ever happens to you: Magic Erasers work ok, but take forever. Rubbing alcohol is a miracle worker, one swipe with it pretty much removes it completely.

1 comment:

Bowering said...

Amy, was it permanent marker? I remember when Jackson colored all over the walls by our front the way I tried that banana chocolate rasp bread...delicious!!!
Hope you are doing well