Thursday, July 12, 2012

Our Week at the Lake

We love the lake. Every summer as soon as school is done we head out to the lake for a week of relaxing. Like always, we had so much fun!!

The boys spent the majority of their time in the water.

They loved swimming to the yellow dock. They swam back and forth several times a day.

Jakob and his friend out for a tube ride:

Alex had the hose and was splashing around, occasionally getting the other boys wet. Uncle Jordan joined in and it turned into an all out water fight!!



Oma & Opa and all the boys!

Michael and the boys went fishing with some of their friends and Jakob caught a fish! He was very proud of his little fish!


My Dad was trimming some of the trees in front of the cabin and in one of the branches that fell was a little robins nest.

 Zack was very concerned for the poor baby robins. My Dad put the whole branch back up into the tree and the mommy robin found her babies again. Zack was very happy that mommy and babies were reunited.

Our little curly locks!

Opa & Zack out for a ride.

 Zack was Opa's big helper. He hauled branches and helped load them onto the trailer.

Relaxing after a busy day:

The view from our deck, beautiful.

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