Thursday, June 7, 2012

Waiting for Levi's Bus

Everyday Zack and I wait for Levi's bus on our front step. Today he wanted me to take pictures of him waiting. He's so funny! He posed in all these different spots, telling me when I should take a picture and when not too. I snapped a few in between with out him knowing of course!!

Pose number one, no smiling, instructed by Zack:

Caught him laughing:

Pose number two, on the front lawn:

Pose number 3, he leaned on the rock in our front yard, this one was pretty funny:

Climbing on to the rock, I wasn't supposed to take the picture until he was standing up. I wouldn't let him stand up fully, so we didn't get that pose in the photo shoot.

That concludes our picture taking - "Mom, the bus is here!"

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