Monday, July 29, 2019

Day Trip to Nordegg

On Friday Jakob and I drove out to Nordegg to pick up Levi from a week at his Adventure camp. 
He had the best time swimming, hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, canoeing and all sorts of other adventures with his friends! Levi had so much fun, he wants to go back next year!

Levi's cabin, shared with 5 other boys and 2 leaders:

Levi's group on the last day, sharing highlights from the week with the parents:

Once we had Levi all packed up we went out for a day of exploring!
First... Abraham Lake:

The water was so blue and clear in such a beautiful setting:

Jakob was the only one brave enough to jump in the glacier water. It was COLD!

We spent the afternoon swimming, skipping rocks and laughing at these 2 and their silliness ;)

Then we drove down to the Icefields Parkway to Mistaya Canyon. It was crazy how much water was flowing through the canyon and so fast!

Jakob had to test the water out here as well:

Jakob and Levi clearly missed each other over the last week! They spent the whole day catching up and talking non stop. I love that they are best friends :)

Last stop was Crescent Falls, just outside Nordegg on our way back home.

1000 kms of driving in one day, but so worth it for the amazing day with my boys :)

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