Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Hong Kong - Day 1

We're off! Hong Kong here we come!

But first a 7 hour layover in Seattle....

We took a quick trip into Seattle rather than sitting in the airport for those 7 hours. It was definitely worth it!

14 long hours later... we're here! 
The view from our hotel room when we arrived at 8pm:

Off to the races! The horse races are only held on Wednesday nights and since we were only in Hong Kong for 1 Wednesday, we had to go the day we arrived.
We were both so tired, but really wanted to go. So we dropped our bags off at our hotel, took the MTR over to the stadium and made it to see the last 3 races. It was really fun and I'm really happy that we were able to see it!

Back to the hotel to sleep!

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