Monday, January 8, 2018

Christmas Break

The first half of the Christmas break was so cold (-35C to -40C for a whole week!!) Other than church on Christmas Eve and Levi's soccer tournament, we didn't leave the house. 

It was nice to relax in our pajamas, watch movies and read books:

When the weather warmed up, we headed outside for some skating at our community lake:

There was an ice quake at our cabins lake, so we went out one day to check on the cabin and see the damage by the lake.

There were large cracks and ice heaves along the shore:

There was also an area that the earth was pushed up towards the cabins. No cabins were damaged, but there is a lot of interesting movement along the shoreline:

The rest of the week was sunny and warm! We spent the last 5 days of the break skating all afternoon and some evenings. The boys can't get enough of hockey!

A wonderful break that went by all to quickly!

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