Friday, April 28, 2017

Levi's Birthday Celebrations

What a busy and fun week celebrating Levi!

On his birthday, I brought cupcakes to school and Levi handed them out to his class:

He requested a soccer theme:

 I also brought him a special birthday cake drink:

After school we went to my parents for their after school snack. 
Our foodie, Levi requested a charcuterie board ;)

 (Aww...Jakob loves his brother so much)

When we got back home there was a new bike waiting for Levi:

Again our little foodie... he requested "Steak Oscar" for his birthday dinner:

And ice cream cake for dessert:

On Saturday, Levi and 2 friends went bowling and to laser tag. 
After they came back to our house to play hockey and then pizza dinner.

Sunday was the family party! 

 How many little boys can Opa hold on his lap?!

Lots of hockey themed gifts:

One very happy boy in his Oilers gear:

Happy birthday, Levi! 

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