Thursday, February 16, 2017


Michael and I celebrated Valentine's Day a little early. Tuesdays are always a very busy day at our house, so we knew that going out on Valentine's day wasn't going to happen.
So Saturday we went axe throwing at JackAxe. It was really fun! My arm was super tired after 2 hours of axe throwing, but it's definitely something I would do again.

Michael was really good at it (shocker ;) ) and he was doing all kinds of trick shots.

A really fun date night!

On Valentine's Day, I went with Levi's class to the Silver Skate Festival at Hawrelak Park.
The kids played games and did all sorts of outdoor things:

Our last event of the day was the Ice Castles.
A really long slide that the kids all went on:

My group of kids:

It was 12C, so a lot of the ice was melting. Parts of the castle were dripping so much, it felt like rain.

King Levi:

After school Zack and I made cupcakes and heart shaped cookies. A busy, but fun Valentine's day!

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