Friday, December 9, 2016

Oma Linke's 88th Birthday

This past weekend we celebrated my Oma's 88th birthday! We all got together in the party room of her building and had lots of fun!

All the great-grandkids and Omi:

Oma and her kids:

Each of the grandkids and their families (that were there, we're missing a few) with Oma, in order from oldest to youngest.

Neil, Tamara, Tyler & Tenley:

Amy, Michael, Jakob, Levi & Zack:

(Unfortunately Leanne & Dean were sick, so Marlene took the picture with her kids)
Jaden & Ethan:

Jordan, Kristy, Alex, Hailey, Oliver & Colby:

Tiffany, Steve & Wyatt:

Cam & Ashlyn:

Ben, Krysta, Violet & Ruby:

It was a great day celebrating Oma!

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