Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Las Vegas & the Hoover Dam

Thursday morning we packed up and left Palm Springs. We wanted to take our time driving home, so we decided to stop in Las Vegas for a night. First stop, the Hoover Dam!

We started out by walking across the new bridge. It's huge!

The view was pretty amazing, you could see the whole area.

We walked along the side of the Hoover Dam and read all the info. The boys enjoy looking and reading about the engineering of it all.

It was pretty hot outside, too!

We walked across the dam from the Nevada side to the Arizona side.

It's a very beautiful area!

After we were done at the Hoover Dam we drove to Las Vegas. We checked into our hotel and then went on the High Roller. (The High Roller is a 550 foot tall giant Ferris wheel that overlooks the Las Vegas strip.)

The boys loved to see across Las Vegas and all the different hotels on the strip. The High Roller has the best view of the area!

After the High Roller we went out for dinner and then walked down the strip to the M&M store. It was a pretty late night!

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