Friday, January 29, 2016

Edmonton Ice Castles

Wednesday evening our family went to the Ice Castles at Hawrelak Park. We arrived at 4:30pm, so we could start by seeing it in the daylight. It was pretty impressive!

This is a small part of the ice castle from the outside:

Once we were inside the castle, there was a fun ice slide:

Lots of areas to explore:

And lots of places to take pictures:

Zack was all about posing for lots of pictures!

These 5 had so much fun!

We planned our visit so that we would be there when it was daylight and then as it got dark. Once it was dark, the ice lit up with all kinds of colours! I definitely recommend seeing it in the daylight and in the dark. I liked it better when it was lighter out, you could see more detail, but when it was dark and all the coloured lights were on, it was cool too!

It was getting pretty dark, so I had to use my flash for these last few pictures:

On the way out, all lit up!

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