Friday, October 2, 2015


September was a busy month! We spent quite a bit of time out at the lake, the boys all started school and just life in general!

September long weekend we went to the lake. My parents and Oma were out for part of the weekend too. The boys just love being out there! They play in their fort, ride the quad, bike ride, play games and just have lots of fun!

The boys showing Omi the fort:

"Fixing" the quad?

Hot dog and s'mores for supper!

Playing games with Opa:

The second weekend in September was the camp work day. Everyone helped... Zack carried wood, the boys split logs and Mom and I did yard cleanup.

We also had time for a game or two:

Me and my boys!

Sitting around the fire at night is one of our favorite things to do at the lake:

There was also, a visit to the Lego store:

Hockey game with the Sagerts:

Jakob's school project:

For Jakob's science class, he made a diorama of the life of a rhino. He put together the whole thing by himself. I was especially impressed with his rhinos! Good job Jake!

Another hockey game:

A busy month!

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