Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Family Camp 2015

We just returned from another great year at family camp!
We always have so much fun with our family and friends. The boys love being at the lake and they definitely make the most of our week out at camp. Lots of activity jammed into one week! 2 church services each day, lots of friends, swimming, boating, playground, tuck shop, riding bikes, playing games, fireworks, fishing, sunsets, and more!!

One of the things that the boys love to do is swim out to the yellow dock. Once they are out there, they try to push each other off. For some reason, this is fun for them ;)

Levi cheering for himself when he got the 2 big boys off.

Jake and 2 of his buddies:

Even in the rain, its fun to swim:

Another one of our favorite things is boating with the Sagerts :)
Levi, Michael and Zack went for a pretty wild ride!

Zack can't get enough of tubing!

One of the afternoon activities is a water fight. Jakob loves to get wet! 

He even bent down so Abby could dump a bucket on him!!

Trying to get Opa wet:

This was Zack's face when he was spraying Opa:

Zack loved the water fight!


More tubing:

Me and my girls:

We really have the best sunsets:

On Canada Day, Levi and Zack went to bed earlier, but Jakob stayed up. We watched the fireworks, fished in the dark and hung out with our friends. Jakob was so happy!

Everyday the boys would buy themselves a little treat at the tuck shop:

Lots of great memories!!

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Unknown said...

Such a great wrap up! It really was a great week :) xo