Monday, December 1, 2014

Creative Blog Hop - Christmas Cards

Today's blog post is part of a Creative Blog Hop. I was nominated by my good friend 
and Stampin' Up! upline, Sarah Sagert
Thanks Sarah, for nominating me!

I am going to share with you the Christmas cards that we made at my Christmas card class this year. 
Everyone made 2 of each of the 5 cards below:

I was asked a few questions for this blog hop. Here are my responses:

1.  What are you working on?
I am always working on a scrapbook page. I am a traditional scrapbooker and I love it! Scrapbooking makes me happy:)  Specifically, right now I am working on my family Christmas cards and a scrapbook page or two. I also sell my cards at Wee Love Baby Boutique. I am always making baby and birthday cards, so I am ready when the next order comes in!
Oh, there is also that quilt that is sitting at my Mom's ready to be quilted... one day!

2.  How does your work differ from others in your genre?
I don't think it really does. I like a cleaner, simpler style and I try to stick to that. While I like trends and in style product, I don't really care if my project is "on trend". All that matters to me, is that I am happy with the final product.

3.  Why do you create what you do?
I do it because I love it. It's really as simple as that :)  I have always been a crafter, since I was a little kid. My Mom is an amazing crafter/quilter/painter, so I learned from the best! Creating and crafting is a normal part of my everyday life.

4.  How does your creative process work?
Usually I get an idea in my head and I just go from there. Sometimes I get a stamp set or a DSP and I just start creating. I like to start with a clutter free, clean desk and then... I am an organized messy crafter (is that even a thing?) The more I create, the messier my desk becomes. I've even been known to move to the floor when space runs out on my desk! But, I always know where everything is and after I am done, everything goes back to it's place.

Thanks again Sarah for nominating me! Sarah and I have been friends for a very long time:) We spend a lot of time together and share a love for all things crafty. Sarah is one of the most talented stampers I know! Her work is always consistently beautiful!! You can check out her Creative Blog Hop post - here.

I am going to nominate:

Cindy and I met when we were on the 2012-13 Artisan Design Team together. Cindy is one of the sweetest, most caring people I have ever met. I really respect and admire her. Cindy's projects are always so pretty and I love her crafting style. I can't wait to see what she creates next week! Look for her Creative Blog post on December 8th.

Heidi and I also met when we were on the 2012-13 Artisan Design Team. Heidi is one of those people that you love to be around, she is so fun and very talented! I go to her blog often to see what amazing project she is working on. Heidi makes the most detailed and intricate items. I am looking forward to Heidi's Creative Blog Hop post on Decmeber 8th!

Thank you for checking out my Creative Blog Hop post today!!

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Cindy Beach said...

Hi Amy,
First of all I LOVE your Christmas cards! What a great class! There's such a variety and it's hard to choose a favorite, but I love the Bright stars best!

I am so honored to be nominated by you. I have to say that I am so touched and humbled by your words about me. To be caring is one thing I desire most in life. Thank you.