Thursday, September 12, 2013

Cabin Move: Part Two

The cabin is on the foundation!!
My Dad, Mom, Opa H, Jordan, Michael and Uncle Jerry worked very hard the last 2 months to get the cabin onto the basement foundation. My Dad is the one of the hardest working guys I know! He has been out at the lake weekly, on his days off, working and general contracting the cabin build. Thanks Dad!!!

Here is the lot, cleared and ready to go:

After the hole was dug, it was time to frame up the footings:

Concrete footings poured:

Next was the bottom part of the basement walls. Insulated forms that the concrete was poured into:

After the concrete was poured, the rest of the outside basement walls were framed in:

Michael took Jakob and Levi out to the lake one of the days that he went to work on the cabin. While he worked, they worked on their tree fort.

Ready for the cabin to be moved on:

We hired a crane to lift the cabin into place:

Perfectly placed!

There it is - on the basement foundation! Lots and lots of work ahead of us as we put in new windows, redo the roof and put vinyl siding on the exterior.

The boys, working on their fort again:

Zack loves playing in the bushes!

That evening after everything was done, we made a fire, roasted hot dogs and had supper by the lake. The boys had a great time wrestling and playing!

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