Friday, August 2, 2013

The Cabin Move: Part One

This past month we have been pretty busy! One of the projects that our family took on was a cabin move. My Uncle generously gave us his cabin and we were thrilled! The only thing we had to do was move it off his lot onto our (empty) lot. We hired a moving company because the cabin was too large for us to move it ourselves. Here are a few pictures from "moving day".

Before the truck could move the cabin, they had to cut the cabin in half (between the main floor and basement) and put huge beams through the whole thing:

On the beams and almost ready to go:

The boys watching the action:

Opa, Alex, Jake and Zack, taking a little break:

Lunch time!

After lunch, the crew was ready to move it off the foundation.

Yikes! What a mess!

The boys followed the cabin all the way to the new lot.

A short quad ride to the new lot!

The boys' late day swim to finish off a hot day...

More pictures to come - hopefully by the end of August I can do a blog post about 
Part Two of the cabin move :)

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures! So that is the "little" project you were working on. Hope it all goes well. The end results will be worth it!