Friday, May 3, 2013

Zack's First Bike Ride of the Year

Zack got a new bike a couple of weeks ago and he has been itching to try it out. So, I took him out for his first bike ride last week. (Finally the weather is starting to improve, so we've been able to be outdoors a bit more.)

Zack caught on quickly to his new bike and was cruising around in no time. 

Just like Jake & Levi, Zack loves to ride his bike!

I'm not sure why he was smiling like this, but this was the smile he gave me for every picture.

Zack went around the park at least 10 times. He got hot, so he took off his jacket and went another 10. He was so tired after this and had a great afternoon nap!

A little play time in the park too!

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