Friday, April 5, 2013

Hilton Head Island

(This blog post is a little delayed, since we have been home for 2 weeks, but I wanted to post it anyway.)

On our way home from Orlando we drove up to Hilton Head Island and stayed there for a couple of days. Michael went golfing and the boys and I played on the beach and in the pool. When Michael got back from golf each night we went out to a really great restaurant and overall had a really amazing time!

Our first look at the Atlantic Ocean. It was the boys and my first time at the Atlantic Ocean. The beach was huge, even bigger than in Florida!

We went for a really long walk, it seemed like we could walk forever:

Both days the boys had a great time in the outdoor pool. The weather was warm and the pool was heated. 

They met some other boys and played all afternoon with their new friends:

Michael golfed 2 really nice courses:

This was our last 2 days in the sunshine before heading home to the mounds and mounds of snow and cold weather!

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