Friday, March 15, 2013

DisneyWorld!! (Day 3)

For our 3rd day at Disney we went to the Animal Kingdom. It was a gorgeous, hot day and we all had a great time!

Zack with Goofy & Pluto:

Michael, Dad, Jake, Levi, Zack & I on the Dinosaur roller coaster. It was a bit scary, but so fun!

Another Dino ride.

In the Animal Kingdom is a Safari park. It was cool to see all the different kinds of animals up close. Zack loved the giraffe.

The Rhino was Levi's favorite!

After leaving the Animal Kingdom we went back to the hotel to splash around in the pool for a bit.

My boys love to swim:

We also celebrated Levi's birthday by the pool. Levi's actual birthday isn't until April, but since we were all together we celebrated it early.

Happy Birthday Levi!

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